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TUG Rental M1B TUG Rental MA-50 Rent TUG MA-50 TUG Rental MT-8
TUG M1B TUG MA50-13 TUG MA50-1 TUG MT8-1
Serial #001 Serial #15279 Serial #11210 Serial #106
Rent only Rent or Sale Rent or Sale Rent or Sale
Rental TUG Rent a TUG   TUG for Rent TUG for Rent
TUG MA50-1 LP TUG MZ 4,500DBP TUG Electric Pushback TUG 1628 Pushback
Serial #13806 80 Volt Rent Only 1 year Built in 1988
Rent or Sale Rent or Sale Special $1,000/month Purchase only

TUG will rent, buy, or sell used TUG tractors. With TUG Rentals you do not have to worry about carrying extra inventory. Rent any one of our TUG TUFF Tow Tractors, Belt Loaders, Pushbacks, Air Starts, and Ground Power Units. If you would like more information on rentals or pricing please call (404) 304-6055 or email at refurbs@tugtech.com

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