TUG has two facilities, one in Kennesaw, GA and one in Marietta, GA. 

The Kennesaw facility is where we build Gate Tractors, Air Start units, Ground Power units, and Air Conditioners. In addition, this facility acts as a sub assembly supplier for the Marietta facility providing fabrication, welding, painting, and frame subassembly.


The Marietta facility contains the production for our Baggage Tractors, Belt Loaders, Electric Tractors and Belt Loaders, and the Mid-range Tow Tractor.  This facility also serves as the corporate offices and Aftermarket Parts Depot. We have the capability to manufacture over 200 units per month in one shift from this location. 



Each facility operates using Lean Principals. We have invested in a dedicated Lean Promotion Office to lead our Lean Implementation. This dedication to Lean has delivered: reduced lead-times, superior quality, and a high level of agility. Lean has also allowed us to move to flow line production with only hours of inventory on the production floor.