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TUG Model AC-25D Air Conditioner

The TUG model AC-25D diesel electric powered Aircraft Air Conditioner designed to supply preconditioned air to aircraft cabins and maintain comfortable temperatures. brochure

TUG Model ACU500 Air Conditioner

Our TUG POLAR Power line is built for performance, reliability and simplicity. For example, a single refrigeration system, utilizing screw compressor and an increased condenser capacity, eliminates the need to balance two systems that overlap. This basic arrangement is more forgiving in extreme ambient temperatures. brochure

TUG Model EH-30 Heater

The TUG EH30 is an electric operated heater designed to supply heated air to the aircraft inorder to maintain comfortable cabin temperature. This is accomplished by a 30 kW heating element, making the TUG EH30 suitable for a variety of aircraft. brochure

TUG Regional Aircraft Tow bar

The TUG tow bar product line covers a wide range of regional aircraft. We provide the complete tow bar as well as individual heads for replacement on existing tow bars. brochure


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