TUG Model MZ- Electric Tow Tractor

TUG began offering zero emissions electric TUG tractors over twenty years ago. The MZ AC electric baggage tractor represents the latest in TUG's commitment to clean Ground Support Equipment (GSE).  Not only is the MZ environmentally friendly, it is also user friendly. The MZ has been designed with the operator and maintenance technician in mind. Its design provides excellent visibility and ergonomics combined with a low center of gravity, which results in less operator fatigue. brochure

TUG Model 660E- Belt Loader

TUG has taken the rugged durability, versatility and performance which characterizes our traditional 660 belt loader and tailored it specifically for today's environmentally conscious users. The 660E (electric belt loader) eliminates the emissions associated with traditional internal combustion engines thereby reducing the environmental impact of equipment operation. The 660E features systems that are entirely compatible with the 660 series. brochure

TUG Model 440E- Belt Loader

Incorporating the rugged durability, styling, versatility, and performance of the 660E belt loader, TUG developed the 440E electric belt loader to fulfill the need for a smaller belt loader. Like the 660E, the 440E is tailored for today's environmentally conscious users by eliminating the emissions associated with traditional internal combustion engines. A single cylinder elevates the centrally mounted 16-foot conveyor. brochure

Coming soon: TUG's complete line of electric pushbacks