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TUG History

TUG KennesawTUG Manufacturing Corporation was founded in 1973 and located in Marietta, Georgia. TUG’s core business began with the production of baggage tractors, primarily the Model MA Baggage Tractor, which we continue to produce and supply to airlines and airports around the world.

TUG expanded our product line in 1981, when the TUG Model 660 Belt Loader was introduced. In order to manage high demand, TUG moved operations to Kennesaw, Georgia in 1992.

In 1998, under new ownership by Stewart & Stevenson headquartered in Texas, TUG became S & S TUG.The Model MA Baggage Tractor and Model 660 Belt Loader combined with the S & S Airport Division gave the newly merged company the broadest product line in the industry. Three years later, all airport operations were consolidated to Kennesaw, Georgia. S & S TUG then merged with DAVCO Industries which specialized in regional airline equipment which further widened the range of Ground Support Equipment (GSE) offered. With the S & S purchase also came a new facility located in Marietta, GA located just down the road from where the first MA came off the line.

In 2005 TUG was sold and the name was changed to the current TUG Technologies Corporation.

TUG continues to be the leader of Ground Support Equipment (GSE) in the world by implementing Lean Manufacturing techniques in 2006 and creating a culture of continuous improvement. Lean Manufacturing focuses on delivering higher efficiency and better quality products to our customers by reducing waste (muda) in our Supply Chain, Manufacturing and Order Fulfillment Processes.

Currently TUG offers the broadest line of Ground Support Equipment or GSE in the industry. TUG also was first on the scene with the GT35E TUG’s Electric Pushback.

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TUG History April 8, 2013


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