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660E Belt Loader

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      • 72/80-volt DC traction motor, high
        torque capacity with series wound coils.
        Large brushes and commutator protect
        against heavy overload conditions. Motor
        enclosed in a splash-proof casing.
660E Belt Loader
Length 300″ (7620 mm)
Width 78″ (1981.2 mm)
Height 59.5″ (1498.6 mm)
Weight 6,680 lb (3030.0 kg)
Wheelbase 109″ (2768.6 mm)

TUG has taken the rugged durability, versatility and performance which characterizes our traditional 660 tug belt loader and tailored it specifically for today’s environmentally conscious users. The 660E eliminates the emissions associated with traditional internal combustion engines thereby reducing the environmental impact of equipment operation. The TUG 660E features systems that are entirely compatible with the 660 series. The drive and steer axles, brake systems, steering system and most accessories are the same as those utilized on gasoline and diesel powered models. This enables the 660E to be easily integrated into existing 660 fleets by standardizing and streamlining spare parts support and maintenance. Vehicle operation of the 660E is identical to that of the standard 660 making transition from one vehicle to another smooth and safe for operators.


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