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U30 Pushback


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          • Deutz Model TCD 2013 L6 2V
U30 Pushback
Length 300″(7620 mm)
Width 110″(2794mm)
Height 81.5″(2070 mm)
Weight 100,000 Ib (45,400 kg)
Wheelbase 124″(3150 mm)

With over 20 years of airline service, TUG’s tractors are proven performers. The largest tractor available, the U-30 is the ideal tractor to handle pushback and towing requirements for all wide-body military aircraft. Utilizing the newest manufacturing technology and a wealth of tractor-building experience, the U-30 provides our customers with reliability and guarantees satisfaction. The combined efforts of TUG and other major OEMs have established the U-30 as the tractor of choice for customers who want to lower engine noise levels, lower harmful emissions, improve fuel economy and eliminate heavy diesel smoke. The U-30’s coordinated, track or crab steering can be selected to provide optimum maneuverability in tight places and ensure aircraft safety. All of these important needs are met while simultaneously providing up to 72,000 pounds of drawbar pull.


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