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Manufacturer Cummins Diesel

    • Model QSB4.5
Length 187″ (4749.8mm)
Width 96″ (2348.4mm)
Height 78″ (1981.2mm)
Weight 7,000lbs (3175.2kg)
Max Towing Speed 15 mph/24.1 km/h
The TUG model AC-25D diesel electric powered Aircraft Air Conditioner designed to supply preconditioned air to aircraft cabins and maintain comfortable temperatures. The AC-25D utilizes a single 25-ton Carrier Gemini condensing unit, making it suitable for a variety of aircraft. R410 refrigerant for the compressor system is environmentally friendly and more cost effective that R-134a. System monitoring and fault reporting on the LCD display simplifies operation and troubleshooting. Simple design, reliability, ease of service and maintenance, durability, and outstanding performance were the primary design criteria for the AC-25D to provide the best value in the marketplace.


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