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Air Start 400

TUG Air Start

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Manufacturer-Detroit Diesel

      • Model 12V2000DDEC IVECM
      • Horsepower-905 HP (675 kW)
TMD-400 (trailer mounted) TRD-400 (truck unit)
Length 199“ (5.1 m) 12′ (3.9 m)*
Width 95“ (2.4 m) 8’6″ (2.6 m)*
Height 116“ (2.95 m) 8’2″ (2.5 m)*
Weight 21,400 lbs. (8,346 kg) 20,000 lbs. (7,834 kg)
* Overall dimensions vary by truck manufacturer

The TUG Model TMD-400 air start unit represents our 400 ppm variant of our family of air start units. Designed from a clean sheet of paper, these units offer lower operating costs and decreased environmental impact. The TMD-400 unit is specifically designed to meet the engine starting requirements of the B-777, including those equipped with the GE-90 engines. The unit incorporates a multiple hose design that provides excellent operational flexibility.

One of the many standard features of the TMD-400 Air Start unit is the dual-pressure regulators with an “On Demand” automatic engine throttle control system. The operator simply selects either the air start or the air packs mode and the control system automatically adjusts the pressure and throttle settings. Benefits of the “On Demand ” system include fuel economy, decreased maintenance, and noise control.

Safety, reliability, and maintainability are key ingredients of our design; decades of experience with both commercial and military GSE provide practical and feficient products. Standard features such as large access doors, remote lube oil drains, and maintenance-free batteries ensure ease of service. These exceptional features, combined with our famous worldwide parts and support make the TMD-400 air start unit the best choice for your operations.


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