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GT50 Pushback

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      • Deutz Model TD2012 Lo4m (Tier III)
GT50 Pushback
Length 194″ (4,928 mm)
Width 102″ (2,591 mm)
Height 64″ (1,626 mm)
Weight See Brochure
Wheelbase 90″ (2,286 mm)

The TUG’s Tractor Model GT-50/GT-50H provides our customers with dependable pushback service for all mid-sized aircraft. This popular model has helped make our tractor product line synonymous with quality and performance. The GT-50 features optional gross vehicle weight packages for the various applications and airport conditions. Customers can choose the 60,000-lb (GT-50H) tractor for difficult towing requirements such as heavier aircraft, inclement weather conditions and tight maneuvering, or they may choose the 50,000-lb tractor for less stringent applications.


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